Monday, February 25, 2008

So you can find a lot of these clowns here. He actually makes some pretty good money! about $50 a day! (thats pretty good for here!)

a day

Here are the photos of the Baptism of Martin!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dont worry, i dont have glasses. My comp took this picture.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tough week

SO a pretty tough week. I mananged to be sick for 5 days (an investigator gave me some bad food, and im still suffering from it.), but then to top things off, i mananged to rip the last pair of shoes i had. Good times!

Some photos of our area. These next two are from the roof of our house.

the tall building in the backround is the tallest building in Mexico!

Here are some photos of the wind damage 2 weeks ago. (sorry the pictures arent that great)

The baptisms of Sebastian and Gaby

Felipa, Enrique, Sebastian, Gaby and Elvira
Us, with the Sanchez family on the day of Sebastians Baptism
The family, the day of Gabys baptism
The family, Bishop Dominguez and us.

District activity 3 weeks ago

Here is a video of us playing broom hockey in the church. I have the black shorts and the white t-shirt. My former comp has jeans and a white t-shirt. Elder Warner has a white soccer jersey, and his comp, Elder Negrette, has a dark jersey. Elder Asendorf is playing golie for the other team and his comp, Elder Branca has a red t-shirt.