Monday, September 22, 2008

Ok, im going to ask you not to scroll down just yet!!!!!!

I remember an e-mail that my dad received that showed some "redneck car designs" and they just cracked me up (some examples: a motorcycle tied to a lawnmower so he could have one of those drivable lawn mowers, or the guy that put the large bull horns on front of his car...) Well, i found one this week that should be added to that list...

Yes, thats a hairbrush...

ans yes, that`s his side-view mirror!


The typical mission pick (Elder Manriquez and I)
For an activity we went bowling

from left to right: Elder Campbell, Elder Manriquez, Elder Silva, Hermana Meneses, Elder Cobian (one of my old comps), Hermana Fernandez, Hermana Juarez, and Hermana Candia.

Only one left!!!!!!!

A little late!

So i knw that ive been really slacking off in putting up photos, but i hope to put up like 30 right now!

All these are from my last house in El Ajusco.

My bed is the one that`s made. :)

I love the tile job here!

A great friend and Elder, Elder De la Rosa.

Thes two familes helped us a ton in our tough area.