Monday, June 2, 2008

So last monday we had a huge trip! We decided to tackle the highest peak in the City of Mexico, the Pico de Aguila. It stands at a little over 13000 ft.

Here´s elder Morales, looking at the peak that we are about to tackle.

the first half was very heavily wooded, and the air was soooooo fresh!!!!

Here you have a better view of the peak. We rolled a few boulders off the top, and they would end up a little below where the picture ends.

Once we had made it to the tree line, we decided to stop and had breakfast. We had Longanisa, onions, Jalepeno chiles, steak, chicken and homemade tortillas! It was delicious!!!!

Once we had finished breakfast, the clouds moved in, and it became foggy, wet and cold.

So after 3 more hours of hiking, we finally reach the peak!!

There´s nothing for about 1000 ft. below my feet!

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